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How to Play Backup


When trying tricks, hold the flypdeck flat and face up until the green light comes on and you hear a beep.

Flip and catch the flypdeck. You need to land in the same orientation as you started for the trick to count.

The flypdeck tells you if you landed a trick sketchy or perfectly, and will also either randomly tease you or offer words of encouragement if you don’t land the trick.


    Our take on the classic game of 2 player HORSE.  When one player lands a trick, the other player has to land that same trick or they get a letter.  The first player to force the other player to earn F-L-Y-P-S wins the game!

    solo ladder

    Climb the trick ladder against a set trick list.  The number and difficulty of the required tricks change based on the difficulty level chosen.

    solo points

    Flip away for 60 seconds to try and rack up as many points as possible.  Earn multipliers for landing tricks consecutively.  The more difficult the trick, the more points you earn. Don't cherry pick, each time you land the same trick you earn half the points!  High scores are tracked per difficulty level, if you beat the high score you get to enter your initials!

    Learn new tricks, practice tricks, or make up your own game mode with a group of friends. 

    There are 4 locked tricks that are top secret  - they can only be unlocked when you execute the secret trick sequence without missing.  Freeplay is where you nail those sequences!

    Each game mode has 3 difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, and Expert