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Frequently Asked Questions

Q0: What are the recommended Ages for Flypdeck?

A0: The box says ages 8+, in practice we have found most players ages 6 and up enjoy playing Flypdeck!


Q1: What happens if I drop the Flypdeck?

A1: Nothing! Flypdeck is designed to be dropped.  In fact, we dropped it from eye-level 500 times on hard wood to test its durability.  Flypdeck's capacitor kicks in to keep your game alive if the batteries jostle loose for a split second on impact.


Q2: How does Flypdeck work?

A2: Flypdeck has a gyroscope and accelerometer sensor coupled with our proprietary software and algorithms to determine what maneuvers occurred while the Flypdeck was in the air.


Q3: Is there a Multiplayer mode?

A3: Yes!  The FLYPS mode is like the equivalent of playing HORSE in basketball.  Players can also play Solo Timed mode to compete with each other for high scores.


Q4: How do I learn the tricks?

A4: Check out our YouTube channel for first person slow motion videos!  Also -  pro tip - if in a game mode that prompts you to try an advanced trick, you can hold the middle button for a literal trick description.


Q5: How is Flypdeck powered?

A5: 2 AA batteries that last for roughly 18 hours of game play.


Q6: Are batteries included?

A6: Negative, trust us, we're positive


Q7: What's your return policy?

A7: If you have any problems with your Flypdeck, just send us a photo pointing out the issue to hello@flypdeck.com or DM us on Instagram or Facebook.  We'll send you a replacement, no questions asked.  If you would rather have a refund instead, for any reason, we will issue you one.  We pride ourselves on providing swift and thoughtful customer service.


Q8: Do you sell anywhere else?

A8: Yes, we also sell on Amazon, but at a slightly higher price. 


Q9: What's the point of Flypdeck?

A9: What's the point of any game or toy, silly?  To have fun!  Flypdeck allows you to compete with yourself and friends, improve hand-eye coordination and dexterity, and land gnarly tricks like the guys and gals in the X-Games and Olympics.